Yeast and Mold Testing - BAX® System detection

BAX® System PCR Assay for Yeast and Mold

Detect presence/absence against your own customizable action thresholds

Yeast and Mold assay


Part #:

D12778644 - 1 PCR assay + 1 supplement kit

D12685005 - 1 PCR assay + 3 supplement kits

Target: Yeast and mold
Matrices:   Yogurt, cornstarch, milk-based powdered infant formula
Enrichment time:   ~44 hours
PCR time:   3.5 hours
Detection level:   Can be set as low as 10-50 cfu/g for pooled samples, or 25-1000 cfu/g for non-pooled samples

Certifications and Approvals

AOAC Research Institute - Performance Tested Method #010902 - validated on yogurt, cornstarch, milk-based powdered infant formula

BAX® is a registered trademark of DuPont for its line of equipment, reagents and software used to analyze samples for microbial contamination. BAX® System Q7 instruments are sold under licensing arrangement with Applied Biosystems for food testing. Use for research and development, quality assurance and quality control testing under supervision of technically qualified persons. Not approved for clinical use. Please read the limitation of warranty and liability before use.