Lateral Flow System

Immunoassay alternative for routine pathogen screening.

Antibody-based method offers optimized media, no capital investment and minimal training.

Using a unique combination of antibodies and highly engineered colloidal gold conjugate coated on the surface of a membrane, the DuPont™ Lateral Flow System yields pathogen screening results much faster than conventional, culture-based testing.

Prepared sample wicks up the test strip by capillary action. Within 10 minutes, two red lines appear if the target pathogen is present. Otherwise, only the control line—which lets you know that the test has worked correctly—appears. These tests can detect 1 colony forming unit (cfu) in 25 grams of sample.

Associated enrichment media shortens enrichment times by facilitating maximum recovery of target cells, while inhibiting closely related competitive flora.

Please note: DuPont™ Lateral Flow Systems are available outside the U.S. only.

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Use for research and development, quality assurance and quality control testing under supervision of technically qualified persons. Not approved for clinical use. Please read the limitation of warranty and liability before use.