StatMedia™ Soluble Packets

Enrichment media in pre-weighed water-soluble packets.

Gamma-irradiated packets of media are wrapped in soluble film that quickly dissolves in warm water.

These convenient packets provide the same performance as powder but without the dust or ergonomic issues of handling bulk media. Other benefits include less hands-on time, less waste from expired batches of prepared broth, and less need for autoclaving.

Packets are wrapped in a water-soluble film made from a polyvinyl alcohol resin. In warm water, the film dissolves within seconds. Because the soluble packets are gamma-irradiated, prepared broth does not require autoclaving when used within 3-4 hours. For longer storage, broth can be autoclaved and then refrigerated for up to two weeks.

The soluble packets are provided in two convenient weights, based on common media volumes used in the food testing industry. All packets are sized to fit through the one- or two-inch opening of common media preparation vessels.

Minimum order is one carton.
D12614061           BAX® System MP media (10x3x75.9g)
D12745725           BAX® System MP media (20x5x33.75g)

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