Car Scratch Repair

Pro-Fusion™ Color - Car Scratch Repair Made Easy

Keep your vehicle looking its best – no matter what gets in its way - with DuPont™ Pro-Fusion Color™ car scratch repair products.

No matter how hard you try to avoid every pothole, runaway shopping cart and too-close-for-comfort parked car - scratches, nicks and dings are inevitable. So, you might as well prepare for them with DuPont™ Pro-Fusion Color™ car scratch repair products, which help revive your vehicle’s brilliant finish after its unfortunate run-ins with life.

DuPont™ Pro-Fusion Color™ Scratch Repair Stick provides a quick fix for scratches, nicks and dings in your car, bike, boat or other painted surfaces with clear coat finish. At a fraction of the cost of car paint repair at a traditional auto body shop, it provides an instant, professional-looking finish repair.  DuPont™ Pro-Fusion Color™ Scratch Repair Stick works like a magic pencil to fill in and erase scratches in the clear coat finish to a “like new” shine.

DuPont™ Pro-Fusion Color™ Car Polish is an advanced formulation that fills in light scratches and swirl marks in your vehicle's finish.  It leaves an excellent, deep and durable shine with no white residue or staining of rubber.  You can apply this product in the shade or in the direct sun, making this one of the quickest and most convenient polishes available.  It contains color pigments (available in Red, Black, Silver, White and Blue) that bond with your car's painted surfaces to fill in fine scratches and swirl marks with a gleaming new finish that protects as it shines.

For more information on these products, please visit the DuPont™ Pro-Fusion Color™ website.