Integrated Technology Solutions for Cellulosic Ethanol Licensing

DuPont offers cellulosic ethanol licensing solutions that are economic, efficient, sustainable and backed by DuPont science, innovation and expertise.

DuPont offers cellulosic ethanol licenses to global energy producers, agricultural companies, energy investors, plastics and chemical producers, and other leaders in the emerging cellulosic economy.

Our demonstrated farm-to-fuel integrated technology solution is powered by DuPont Pioneer feedstock supply chain expertise and backed by DuPont scientists and engineers to provide operations, technical support and ongoing technology development.

Key Elements of Our Cellulosic Ethanol Licensing Offering

Technology Package

The process technology package (commonly known as a basic engineering package) includes all necessary information to start a detailed engineering plant design phase. Our package includes performance guarantees and enables a facility to achieve high ethanol yields.

Technical Support

Technical services support plant design, commissioning, start-up and ongoing performance optimization.

Biocatalyst Supply

DuPont supplies enzymes and ethanologens for production of cellulosic ethanol at a licensed plant.

Feedstock Supply Consulting

Leveraging experience from the DuPont facility in Nevada, Iowa, a team of experts can assist in development of a feedstock supply chain, from understanding the feasibility of regional sourcing to planning and executing a supply chain.

Key Advantages of our Integrated Technology Solutions

  • Commercial biorefinery designs for cellulosic ethanol production that maximize productivity
  • Integrated engineering packages that set industry standards in process design
  • Technical support across the project life cycle
  • Safe, sustainable production systems that minimize the environmental footprint: no wastewater treatment and almost zero process water makeup
  • Energy-efficient use of steam and electricity
  • Customized lignin co-product solutions to maximize customer value
  • Collaborative solutions for addressing the entire cellulosic ethanol value chain, from farm to fuel
  • End-to-end technology solution and technical expertise
  • Technology can work with a variety of feedstocks, from agricultural residues to energy crops

As a global company with operations in more than 100 countries, DuPont has been successful with many business models — working with customers where they want to build facilities, with the feedstocks they require — to create lasting partnerships that deliver mutual value.