High-Performance Biomaterials to Reduce Environmental Impact

As a leader in the development of renewably-sourced biomaterials, DuPont is working to find alternatives to petrochemicals with no compromise in performance or economics.

Over the past 200 years, DuPont has gained unparalleled expertise in the development of advanced materials such as nylon, Lycra®, Kevlar®, and other household materials. Today, we are focusing our scientists and engineers on a new challenge for the 21st century: creating biomaterials from renewable sources, rather than petroleum.

Biomaterials are products composed wholly or significantly of agricultural ingredients. They hold the promise of energy independence by reducing the use of petroleum in a wide variety of manufactured products. By using glucose as the basis for Bio-PDO™, a bio-based monomer, DuPont has created a renewably sourced ingredient for bio-based fibers like DuPont™ Sorona®, which is used in everyday products such as carpet and apparel.

As one of the first high-performance biomaterials derived from renewable sources, Sorona® continues our record of textile innovation and proves our commitment to the development of renewably sourced materials. It’s also proven that biomaterials can compete head-to-head with existing high-performance polymers such as nylon and polyester in the marketplace, by offering both performance and sustainability benefits at a competitive price.