A Leader in the Development of Renewable Fuel Solutions

DuPont offers specialty products that improve yield and productivity for producers throughout the biofuels value chain.

Our core expertise in enzyme production and protein and metabolic pathway engineering brings value and innovation to the biofuels market. Our state of the art enzyme technology enables bioethanol production from starch. DuPont’s fermentation additives  also improve operational efficiency by speeding up fermentation, increasing yields and reducing consumption of energy and natural resources. And finally, our partnership with BP through joint venture Butamax utilizes DuPont’s engineered yeast solution to produce bio-isobutanol for chemicals and ultimately fuel markets.

As leaders in the enzymatic conversion of starch into fermentable sugars for fuel ethanol, DuPont continues to introduce new technologies that help companies, improves operational efficiencies while improving the bottom line. This translates into positive environmental impacts in many countries while reducing of our global dependence on fossil fuels.