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Weed Wise helps industrial and utility land managers control vegetation and improve crew productivity to promote public safety.

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Control Utility Brush Right the First Time
Managing brush and trees along utility ROWs promote safe distribution of power.

Tackle Resistant Weeds, Increase Site Safety
Managing resistant weeds helps improve safety at utility, oil and natural gas sites.

Brush Control for Safe Sites
Take stock of brush concerns along rights of way before spring regrowth. Experts suggest brush control programs.

Increase Crew Productivity
As fuel costs increase for DOTs, better productivity can help balance budgets

Balanced Approach to Summer Weed Control
Strategic vegetation management can reduce summer pressures and increase roadside safety.

Optimize Shrinking Budgets
As DOT budgets shrink, vegetation management can fill the gap.

Increase Utility Site Productivity
Deliver safe, reliable power while staying on budget.

Increase Roadside Productivity
Balance roadside vegetation control with shrinking budgets and other resources.

Keep Roadsides Safe With Fall Weed Control
Get a jump start on roadside weed control in the fall for less work in the spring.

Controlling Brush in Public Rights of Way
Strategic herbicide selection and timing can improve brush management.

When Nature Strikes: Protecting, Managing and Restoring Land
Manage invasive and noxious species and restore native species.

Protect Wildlife From Invasives
Manage the invasive weeds that threaten wildlife and their habitats.

New Land Management Strategies
Land managers have more weed-control strategies to maintain site safety

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