Landmark® XP Herbicide

Landmark® XP Herbicide Sets a High Standard for Bareground Weed Control

DuPont™ Landmark® XP herbicide delivers cost-effective long-lasting, broad-spectrum control of more than 120 key broadleaf weeds and grasses, including puncturevine, thistles, horsetail, Canada thistle, pepperweed, yellow starthistle, whitetop and marestail.

Landmark® XP also provides excellent control of cheat, downy brome, medusahead, wild oat, volunteer wheat, ripgut brome and other problem grasses. Strong residual helps fill key weed gaps, reduce the risk of weed escapes and reduce respray costs. XP formulation features XP technology, making it easier to mix and more accurate to measure and apply. The new formulation also resuspends faster to minimize downtime after rain and wind delays.
Rangeland Restoration
A restoration management program that includes Landmark® XP herbicide may be used when rangeland west of the Mississippi has become severely infested with invasive weed species, and deteriorated to where it is no longer suitable for grazing or forage production. To reclaim these lands, the invasive weed species must first be controlled to either allow native grasses to reestablish or to be replanted where practical with other desirable perennial grasses. The residual activity of Landmark® XP will also help prevent the reemergence of many of the weeds the product manages while desirable grasses are being reestablished.




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