Lineage® ClearStand® Herbicide

Delivers Effective Control of Brush and Invasive Species

DuPont™ Lineage® ClearStand® herbicide combines two active ingredients that can be readily translocated throughout the plant to control and curtail the regrowth of more than 70 brush species, 48 grass species and 160 broadleaf weeds.

Because it takes care of tough-to-control species like tree of heaven, black locust, kudzu and Bermudagrass. Lineage® ClearStand® is the ideal tool for site preparation and maintenance of conifer plantations (release); private, public and military lands; rights-of-way; industrial sites; dry ditch banks; and wildlife and restoration areas. When used according to label, it is recognized for its low use rates and low toxicity to animal and beneficial insect life.

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