Oust® Extra Herbicide

Controls Many Annual & Perennial Grasses & Broadleaf Weeds in Conifer Plantations & Non-crop Sites

DuPont™ Oust® Extra may also be used to control certain hardwoods and vines when applied in site preparation treatments.

Oust® Extra delivers proven performance on more than 100 tough broadleaf weeds and grasses, including ragweed, dandelion and lambsquarter. It is a dispersible granule herbicide that can be mixed in water and applied as a spray or impregnated on dry, bulk fertilizer. When applied as a spray, it is absorbed by both the roots and foliage of plants, rapidly inhibiting the growth of susceptible weeds. When applied on dry fertilizer, Oust® Extra is absorbed primarily by the roots. For best results, apply before or during the early stages of weed growth before weeds develop an established root system. For additional flexibility and control, Oust® Extra can be tank mixed with other herbicides registered for use in conifer plantations and non-crop sites.


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