Reliable Kudzu Control with Streamline®

Carroll Country, Miss., utility site demonstrates excellent kudzu control one year after Streamline® application.

Kudzu and other climbing vines along utility rights of way present challenges for vegetation managers. Fast-growing and difficult to control, kudzu poses safety threats to work crews and the public as it climbs utility poles and guy wires. Unchecked growth can create hazards and interfere with infrastructure, leading to power outages. In addition, vines growing on or near utility poles can pose a danger to line workers and hinder maintenance and repair.

Streamline® delivers reliable control of kudzu and other hard-to-control vine and brush species, including eastern poison ivy, honeysuckle, blackberry, mesquite and boxelder, while preserving desirable grasses. (For best control, multiple-year applications may be necessary.)

With Streamline®, applicators don't need one tank mix for foliar applications and another for cut vine applications, reducing the need to measure and mix herbicides and maximizing the time crews spend controlling vegetation.

Fast-acting Control

Streamline® is absorbed by both roots and foliage, rapidly inhibiting growth of susceptible weeds. It does not stop germination, but controls young, actively germinating plants with uptake and residual activity through both the roots and shoots.

Few other products have this double-uptake mechanism, which provides good control under both low and high rainfall conditions. For best results, apply to young, actively growing plants before warm, moist conditions are expected.

Application Tips for Success

  • Apply Streamline® with a 1% methylated seed oil (MSO) in high volume foliar applications to increase leaf absorption.
  • Begin application when vines are completely leafed out through full fall color change or first frost.
  • Use sufficient water volume, about 100 gal/A, to ensure thorough foliage coverage.
  • Do not apply more than 11.5 ounces broadcast of Streamline® per acre per year.


DuPont™ Streamline® herbicide is for use in non-crop applications only and does not have a grazing tolerance.

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels for complete details and directions for use.