Streamline® Trial Shows Excellent Boxelder Control

Boxelder is a common land management foe, due to its rapid spread and seed-producing prowess. While boxelder has shown tolerance to many conventional herbicides, DuPont™ Streamline® herbicide delivers a greater degree of control, helping managers keep utility rights of way clear and providing safe, reliable power.












Streamline® Boxelder Control Trial

Location: Wisconsin

Situation: A wildlife management area included a moderate to high population of boxelder that was crowding out desirable species and shrinking wildlife habitat areas.

Date of treatment: July 28, 2006

Treatments: Several herbicides were tested: Streamline® at two rates and other herbicides typically used for boxelder control, including DuPont™ Escort® XP  herbicide, Krenite S brush control agent and Garlon 4 (see table). All treatments were applied at 60 gallons per acre. All treatments were applied with MSO at 1 percent v/v.

Results: Both Streamline® applications provided 100 percent control for up to two years after treatment, approximately twice the level of control received with the other products in this comparison.

Application Tips for Success

  • Apply Streamline® at 7.5 to 11.5 ounces per acre at the full-leaf stage of brush plants. Do not apply more than 11.5 ounces per acre per year.
  • Use sufficient water volume to ensure thorough foliage coverage. This will vary, depending on the size and density of the brush being treated.
  • Add a high-quality, MSO-based adjuvant to the spray solution. The MSO may provide increased leaf absorption of Streamline®.

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