Viewpoint® Herbicide

The Toughest Brush Species are no Match for DuPont™ Viewpoint® Herbicide

Viewpoint® delivers simple, effective brush control while supporting easier, more productive workdays as utility and land managers strive to keep power and other utilities flowing safely to the public.

Broad Spectrum for Complete Brush Control
Viewpoint® controls a broad range of difficult brush species, including ash, boxelder, hackberry, maple, mesquite and sweetgum.

Special Formulation Boosts Productivity
Viewpoint® features low use rates in a dry-blended formulation to significantly reduce inventory, hauling, tank mixing and waste disposal.

Favorable Environmental Profile
Viewpoint® has a low impact on mammals, wildlife and the environment when used according to the label and is not a federally restricted-use herbicide.

Video: Reliable Brush Control


  • Tools for Land Managers

    Land managers have more options for controlling challenging weeds and brush while protecting public safety. DuPont has introduced DuPont™ Perspective®, DuPont™ Streamline® and DuPont™ Viewpoint® to improve performance and productivity of land management programs.

  • Herbicides can reduce costs by controlling utility brush challenges to help keep utility sites safe.

    Master Utility Brush for Safer Sites



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