Lineage® ClearStand® for Superior Pine Release

Every weed that grows in a stand of pine trees competes for essential moisture, nutrients and sunlight and can ultimately reduce tree growth. Smaller trees can lead to a longer pine rotation, less volume in a rotation or increased volume of a less- profitable product class, such as pulpwood instead of chip-n-saw. Any of these results means reduced profitability.

Get the upper hand on unwanted vegetation by including DuPont™ Lineage® ClearStand® herbicide in release plans. This highly effective product combines two active ingredients for a compatible and complementary mode of action for broader- spectrum control. It provides effective control of species such as oaks, sweetgum, red maple, cherry, blackberry, yellow poplar, elm, black gum, persimmon, aspen and others.

Competition is good in business but bad in tree production. Keep vegetative growth from restricting tree growth with Lineage® ClearStand®.

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