Invasive and Noxious Weed Control

Protecting the Environment Requires Keeping Invaders Out

Invasive and noxious weeds, including leafy spurge, knapweeds, thistles and other invasive broadleaf species, can quickly choke out native plants and grasses. This ecological shift can degrade natural environments and disrupt livestock, wild game and songbird habitats. Invasive weeds also add to fire threats and can quickly affect the aesthetic value of public spaces.

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  • Lineage® ClearStand® Herbicide

    Lineage® ClearStand® herbicide delivers economical and effective control of brush and invasive species. It combines two active ingredients that can be readily translocated throughout the plant to control key species, including tree of heaven, black locust, kudzu and invasive grasses.

  • Escort® XP Herbicide

    Escort® XP herbicide cost-effectively controls many annual and perennial weeds and woody plants, including Tree-of-heaven in pine plantation sites and non-crop areas, such as roadsides, right of ways and utility sites.

  • Telar® XP Herbicide

    Telar® XP Herbicide delivers foliar control and lasting residual to dramatically reduce noxious perennials and troublesome annual weeds.

  • Landmark® XP Herbicide

    Landmark® XP herbicide sets a high standard for non-crop bareground weed control and helps reduce respray costs. It also can be used in a restoration management program when rangeland west of the Mississippi has become severely infested with invasive weed specie and deteriorated to where it is no longer suitable for grazing or forage production.



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