Escort® XP Herbicide

Excellent Brush Control & Vegetation Management Partner for Non-crop Sites

DuPont™ Escort® XP herbicide delivers exceptional value and proven performance alone or in combination with other herbicides in your program.

Escort® XP offers effective control of problem broadleaf weeds, noxious plants, and brush, including Tree-of- heaven (Ailanthus altissima) in pine plantation sites and industrial areas, such as dry drainage ditch banks and flood plains, roadsides, right of ways and utility sites. With broad-spectrum control, it reduces regrowth, decreasing the need and cost of repeat application. Used as directed, Escort® XP is recognized for its low use rates and low toxicity to animal life. With no grazing restrictions when used at 1 2/3 ounces/acre or less, Escort® XP offers the flexibility of being able to be used on non-crop areas adjacent to pasture and rangeland.


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