Telar® XP Herbicide

Foliar Control & Lasting Residual to Reduce Noxious Perennials & Troublesome Annual Weeds

DuPont™ Telar® XP herbicide delivers foliar control and lasting residual to dramatically reduce noxious perennials and troublesome annual weeds, including henbit, wild mustard, curly dock, marestail and buttercup, to help improve forage quality in pastures and rangelands.

Telar® XP is rapidly translocated to provide strong foliar activity and lasting residual control of many invasive and noxious broadleaf weeds in pasture, range.

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands, and non-crop industrial sites without harming desirable grass species and with no restrictions for livestock grazing up to 1 1/3 ounces/acre rate. This aids the implementation of integrated weed management plans at the treatment site to promote the growth of desirable plants. Telar® XP can be used in combination with other herbicides to broaden the spectrum of weeds controlled.

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