Perspective® Herbicide for California Vegetation Management

New vegetation management product for California will help protect public safety, improve crew productivity.

WILMINGTON, Del., Jan. 30, 2014 – California land managers now have an additional option for weed control along roadways and at utility sites. The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has completed the 30-day public posting process for DuPont Perspective® herbicide. Federal regulation for Perspective® was granted in 2011.

Perspective® is a trusted selective weeding solution for controlling invasive and broadleaf weeds that can block sightlines, obscure guardrails and attract wildlife along roadways, causing safety hazards for motorists. Selective control also helps release native grasses from invasive weed pressure to restore natural vegetation and prevent soil erosion.

Combined with a choice of tank-mix partners, Perspective® also protects public safety with effective, residual non-selective control of grass and broadleaf weeds to maintain fire lanes along roadsides as well as prevent power outages and worker safety hazards at utility sites.

Based on a proprietary active ingredient from DuPont, Perspective® delivers long-lasting control of a wide spectrum of tough broadleaf and invasive weeds, while offering a favorable environmental profile for California vegetation management.

California land managers can join others across the United States who already benefit from the increased productivity offered by Perspective®. With its low use rate requiring ounces instead of pounds per acre to produce reliable control, Perspective® helps crews accomplish more each day with less hauling and fewer retreatments. Other productivity advantages, such as reduced mowing requirements, can be achieved with fall applications and possible seedhead suppression.

“The availability of Perspective® in California gives land managers another valuable option to preserve safety along roadways and at utility sites,” said James Hay, regional director, North America, DuPont Crop Protection. “We continue to discover and develop DuPont products that meet the needs of land managers who are working to ensure safe sites with increasingly limited resources. Developed through collaboration with land managers across the world, Perspective® is just one product in our growing portfolio of land management products that help keep power flowing, protect roadway safety and integrity, and preserve natural habitats by eliminating invasive weeds.”

DuPont™ Perspective® herbicide is not registered for sale or use in all states. See your DuPont retailer or representative for details on availability in your state. Perspective® is for use in non-crop applications only and does not have a grazing tolerance. The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels for complete details and directions for use.