Pastora® Controls Tough Weeds for Higher-Quality Bermudagrass

Pastora® herbicide for higher-quality, cleaner bermudagrass pastures.

DuPont™ Pastora® herbicide is helping growers achieve top-quality bermudagrass by providing reliable control of the toughest grass and broadleaf weeds, for visibly cleaner fields. 

Selectively Controls Grass and Broadleaf Weeds

This first-of-its-kind herbicide selectively controls more than 25 grass weeds, including invasive field sandbur, johnsongrass, foxtail and bahiagrass. It also controls more than 100 broadleaf weeds, including common broomweed, buttercup, musk thistle and woolly croton.
And there are no grazing or feeding restrictions with Pastora®, giving producers the flexibility to bale or graze treated fields.
The result is maximum return on every bermudagrass acre.
Combatting Johnsongrass

Steve Schovanec manages hay production for an operation near Hunter, Oklahoma. In addition to selling to area cattlemen, he targets horse customers looking for premium-quality, weed-free hay. Pastora® has helped him produce a weed-free crop that will fetch top dollar in any market.
Foxtail — One Tough Customer

For Okarche, Okla., hay producer Joe Wittrock, keeping his 500 acres of bermudagrass weed-free is essential to maintaining his reputation in the horse market as a top-quality hay producer. “Repeat customers are the life of my business. If I sell them hay that has foreign matter in it, they’re not going to come back,” states Joe.
Foxtail is one of his toughest weed challenges, but applying Pastora® along with liquid nitrogen after his second cutting has provided excellent control. Joe reports, “Pastora® basically wipes out the foxtail. I’m very impressed with it.”
In addition to foxtail and johnsongrass, sandbur is one of the most troublesome and difficult-to-control weeds. The thorny seedhead is a health hazard to horses and livestock, and lingers in the soil, reseeding during rainfall throughout the season.
Preventing Damage to Fields and Cattle

Retailers recognize how critical it is to help their customers control sandbur. Paul Parker, who manages crop protection products for Red River Farm Co-op in Gainsville, Texas, says he’s seen how easily the weed can get out of control and cause potential damage to livestock and horses that feed on hay from infested fields.
Larry Perkins, crop protection products manager for Abilene Ag, in Abilene, Texas, agrees. “Pastora® fills a niche in our weed-control program where we had few other options,” acknowledges Larry.
Reliable Control of Some of the Toughest Weeds

DuPont™ Pastora® herbicide offers commercial hay and forage producers what they have been waiting for: reliable control of tough weeds in bermudagrass. The results are clear to see: cleaner pastures, higher-quality hay and maximum return from each acre.

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