Cimarron® X-tra Herbicide

DuPont™ Cimarron® X-tra Herbicide combines excellent grass safety with broad-spectrum control of poisonous and invasive weeds, including pigweed, marestail, geranium and blackberry, for pasture, rangeland and CRP acres.

With systemic action that eliminates the entire plant down to the root, Cimarron® X-tra helps protect cattle from ingesting poisonous weeds and improves forage – all without the grazing restrictions associated with other products.

In one application, producers get contact and residual control plus flexible use rates to match the specific weed problems on your land.

Cimarron® Herbicides for Maximum Grass Yields


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  • Cimarron® Herbicides for Maximum Grass Yields

    Cimarron® brands of herbicides are the key to realizing the full potential of pastures and rangeland. Managing weeds helps maximize grass yield and forage quality for greater cattle weight gains per acre.


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    Strategies that control vegetation to boost crew productivity and promote public safety or control weeds and brush to improve forage and protect land and livestock investments.

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