Pastora® Herbicide

Maintain Weed-free Bermudagrass in Pastures and Rights of Way

DuPont™ Pastora® herbicide features broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control to help producers and land managers maintain weed-free bermudagrass in pastures and rights of way.

Pastora® Improves Hay Quality in Bermudagrass Pastures

Weeds can significantly limit the quality and productivity of bermudagrass pastures and hay fields, taking away from investments in land and pasture improvement. Pastora® delivers broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control for visibly cleaner bermudagrass. Pastora®:

  • Controls grass and broadleaf weeds, including field sandbur, barnyardgrass, johnsongrass, common broomweed, bitter sneezeweed, musk thistle, buttercup, wooly croton and more.
  • Controls winter annual grass and broadleaf weeds prior to first hay cutting, for premium hay right from the start.
  • Restores degraded bermudagrass pastures efficiently, reducing restoration cost, time and labor.

Pastora® Protects Public Safety in Rights of Way

Grasses and broadleaf weeds can reduce visibility in airport, highway, railroad and utility rights of way; draw wildlife into unwanted areas; and contribute to debris. Pastora® herbicide helps land managers improve public safety by controlling grass and broadleaf weeds on bermudagrass rights of way. Pastora®:

  • Delivers broad-spectrum control of grass and broadleaf weeds, including johnsongrass, vaseygrass, ryegrass, marestail, pigweed, woolly croton, curly dock, morningglory and more.
  • Can be applied to dormant bermudagrass for control of winter annual grasses and in spring or summer to control summer annual and perennial weeds.
  • Features low use rates for improved crew productivity.

Video: Pastora® for Cleaner Bermudagrass