Velpar® AlfaMax™ Herbicide

Contact and Residual Control of Key Annual and Biennial Weeds

DuPont™ Velpar® AlfaMax™ Herbicide was developed specifically for alfalfa, providing both contact and residual control of key annual and biennial weeds to help decrease competition and improve yield and quality.

Weeds reduce yield by competing for water, sunlight and nutrients and decrease quality of the alfalfa hay.

The importance of reliable weed control in alfalfa crops cannot be overlooked. With an alfalfa-specific formulation, Velpar® AlfaMax™ controls a broad spectrum of key weeds that cause problems in alfalfa production. With irrigation or rainfall, it also provides enhanced preemergence control of germinating weeds within the seed germination zone. For improved convenience, Velpar® AlfaMax™ Herbicide features advanced DuPont XP formulation technology, making it easier to mix and more accurate to measure. The new formulation is also less dusty and re-suspends faster to minimize downtime after rain and wind delays.

Product Information

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