Velpar® L Herbicide

Velpar® L Controls Smutgrass, Other Problem Weeds in Perennial Grass

Velpar® L controls smutgrass, an invasive bunch grass that is one of the most problematic weeds in perennial grass pastures, plus other tough weeds in established bermudagrass and bahiagrass stands.

Velpar® L also controls little barley, barnyardgrass, dogfennel, fescue, lespedeza, maypop (passionflower), oxalis, pepperweed and pigweed. When quality forage is in short supply, Velpar® L offers growers a critical advantage in being able to graze or use hay more quickly. Livestock can be grazed on pasture immediately following a broadcast application and treated acres may be cut, dried and fed just 38 days after application. For non-crop and forestry sites, Velpar® L controls key weeds as well as brush and trees.

Get a Jump on Smutgrass Control


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