Year-Round Roadside Weed Control

DuPont™ Perspective® and Pastora®  herbicides partner to create a comprehensive weed-control program for bermudagrass rights of way. Targeted fall and summer applications enhance visibility, reduce early-season mowing needs, and protect public and crew safety.

Perspective® Keeps Roadsides Clean From the Start
A fall application of Perspective® gives roadside crews a head start on spring with effective control of many winter annual weed species as well as grass suppression. The result is cleaner, lower-growing roadsides in the spring, which can reduce mowing cycles, save fuel and labor, and keep crews out of harm’s way.

Pastora® Delivers Late-Season Weed Control
A summer application of Pastora® to bermudagrass will help maintain clean roadsides by controlling key perennial grasses, including johnsongrass, vaseygrass*, bahiagrass and emerged summer annuals that can obscure sight lines.

Key Weeds Controlled
Together, Perspective® and Pastora® control a broad spectrum of grasses and broadleaf weeds.

Application Recommendations
Follow these recommendations for year-round weed control in roadside and other non-cropland locations.










*This Pastora® recommendation is made as permitted under FIFRA Section 2(ee) for control or suppression of vaseygrass in the states of Ala., Ark., Fla., Ga., Ill., Kan., La., Miss., Mo., N.C., N.M., Okla., S.C., Tenn., Texas and Va. The 2(ee) expiration date is 12/31/2013.

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