The Greener, Cheaper Way to Prevent Roadside Erosion

Preventing roadside erosion
Strategic vegetation management and geosynthetics help prevent roadside erosion

Dan Zapotok, Portfolio Manager, DuPont Land Management


The Greener, Cheaper Way to Prevent Erosion,” Public Works, June 2012

Native plants and geosynthetics provide an effective one-two punch against roadside erosion.

The time-honored solution to roadside erosion is to evaluate underlying reasons for erosion, then address them with a healthy dose of engineering, concrete, and steel. But that solution is facing challenges as state DOTs are being asked to do more with fewer resources. At the same time, many transportation departments are seeking new environmentally conscious options, which has opened the door to technologically advanced and economical solutions.

One proven idea is an integrated approach to roadside management. Vegetation managers are realizing that native plants and flexible engineering techniques, such as geosynthetics, can provide solid roadside erosion control solutions that enhance roadside stability and aesthetics.

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