Control Buckhorn Plantain Effectively for Safer Roadsides

Buckhorn plantain’s dense crown and tall shoots crowd out desirable grasses and are visually unappealing. Worse, the perennial’s unwanted growth can disrupt natural habitats and catch debris, which interferes with roadway safety. Conventional herbicides suppress buckhorn plantain, but fail to eliminate it. DuPont™ Perspective® herbicide helps maintain a safe roadside environment by delivering a high level of buckhorn plantain control.

Untreated buckhorn plantain before summer growth and again 83 days after Perspective® treatment.

Untreated buckhorn plantain before summer growth and again 83 days after Perspective® treatment.
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Perspective® Buckhorn Plantain Control Trial

Location: Auburn University, Auburn, Ala.

Situation: The site had a significant infestation of buckhorn plantain growing up to 6 inches tall with seedhead shoots up to 20 inches tall in warm weather.

Treatment Dates: Nov. 16, 2009, and March 8, 2010

Treatments: The trial compared fall and spring applications of Perspective®, Milestone VM, and Milestone VM + DuPont™ Escort® herbicides.

Results: Perspective® controlled buckhorn plantain more quickly and controlled seedheads more effectively than the other products tested.

Perspective® quickly and reliably controls invasive and noxious weeds while also restoring native perennial grasses, allowing desired growth along roadways to maintain sightlines, reduce debris and protect natural habitats.

Application Tips for Success

  • For best results, apply Perspective® in late fall or early spring.
  • Perspective® should be applied preemergence or early postemergence when broadleaf weeds are actively germinating or growing.
  • Apply Perspective® in the fall to manage rosette-stage buckhorn plantain and to provide residual control of early season seedlings.

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DuPont™ Perspective® herbicide is for use in non-crop applications only and does not have a grazing tolerance.

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