Manage Sericea Lespedeza Growth with Perspective®

Sericea lespedeza (Lespedeza cuneata), a perennial legume, is a noxious and invasive weed affecting roadsides throughout the Southeast and Midwest. The hardy, drought-resistant weed can grow 5 feet tall and produce more than 1,000 seeds that remain viable for more than 30 years. Fall applications of DuPont™ Perspective® herbicide help control sericea lespedeza and other annual and perennial broadleaf weeds. Roadside managers who use Perspective® can look forward to reduced spraying and mowing cycles the following year through excellent residual control.

Applying Perspective®

Untreated sericea lespedeza in Crawford County, Kan.
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Sericea lespedeza control three months after Perspective® application at 4.75 ounces per acre.
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Application Tips for Success

  • Reduce potential for runoff by avoiding application when rainfall is forecasted to occur within 48 hours. Perspective® is rainfast four hours after application.
  • Apply Perspective® at a rate of 4.75 ounces per acre to get the best results with a fall application.
  • Use at least 10 gallons per acre spray solution to get the best results via ground application.
  • Add a high-quality adjuvant to the spray solution when applying a postemergence application to perennial species such as sericea lespedeza.

DuPont™ Perspective® herbicide is for use in non-crop applications only and does not have a grazing tolerance.


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