Perspective® Herbicide

Selective Weeding and Invasive Species Management

DuPont™ Perspective® herbicide enhances land management programs and public safety by providing selective weeding and invasive species management along roadsides. As part of a bareground weed control program at industrial sites and other locations, Perspective® also helps keep sites clean for improved safety.

Perspective® Protects Public Safety With Selective Weeding Along Roadsides

Long-lasting control of broadleaf weeds and invasive species help provide clear sight lines and clean roadways.

  • Provides long-lasting control of winter annual weeds with fall applications and keeps sites clean into the spring to reduce mowing requirements and allow grass species to thrive.
  • Delivers effective weed and brush control at low use rates in an easy-to-use, dry-blended formulation for less storage, hauling, mixing and waste disposal.
  • Targets tough weeds while protecting desirable native grasses with a favorable environmental profile.
  • Features a proprietary active ingredient from DuPont with long-lasting activity on a wide spectrum of difficult-to-control broadleaf weeds.

Perspective® Enhances Industrial Site Safety With Bareground Weed Control

Unbeatable control of a broad spectrum of challenging weeds helps ensure industrial sites stay clean and clear.

  • Controls tough invasive and perennial broadleaf weeds that cause safety threats for work crews, fire hazards and damage to structures and equipment.
  • Offers residual grass control when used with a tank-mix partner.
  • Sets a new standard for control of field bindweed and resistant species of marestail, Russian thistle, kochia, prickly lettuce and other invasive broadleaf species.
  • Improves productivity by reducing the need for retreatment caused by resistant weed escapes, resulting in less product being transported to the application site.
  • Offers long-lasting residual control with a low use rate.
Perspective® herbicide reduces mowing time and costs with longer-lasting control of roadside weeds.

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