Kapton® FN for Winding Wire Insulation Systems in Eurotram Engines

Kapton® FN for Winding Wire Insulation Systems in Eurotram Engines

Over the past few years, tramways have been making a comeback, with many cities opting to build new networks. Swift, silent, comfortable and clean, this type of transport is much appreciated by users who access the city centre or outskirts more easily. In order to respond to this growing demand, ALSTOM manufacture ultramodern tramways equipped with asynchronous, closed, auto-ventilated and air-cooled Eurotram engines. With power ranging from 100 to 200 kW, these engines have reduced LCC, thus increasing their profitability. The winding wire primary insulation system hinges on FN type Kapton® polyimide film by DuPont. Very, thin yet very resistant, Kapton® ensures extended functionnality and longevity of the engines. ALSTOM’s Eurotram engines combined with Kapton® insulation systems are used on the tramways of Grenoble, Bordeaux, Dublin and Katowice.

Reasons for choosing Kapton®

  •  Reduced life cycle costs (LCC)
  •  Proven resistance at very high temperatures
  •  Improved flexibility in use
  •  Durability and long life
  •  Reliable performance


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