Kapton® for Traction Motors - 100 Million Km and Still Going Strong!

Application Description

The TGV South-East, serving the distance between Paris and Lyon, was the first of the TGV family that has since expanded with the addition of the TGV Atlantique, the Northern Europe TGV, the TGV Duplex, the EUROSTAR and recently the THALYS, not forgetting the AVE which links Madrid to Seville. The TGV family has thus become truly European. In France, more than 100 trains are being maintained at the Landy site, near Paris. They include the 521 train, delivered in 1993 and which has now passed the 1.5 million km mark. In addition, each Eurostar serving the cross-Channel distance has already logged over 1 million kilometres.

Close to 400 trains are resently running, having logged more than 100 million km, or the equivalent of 500 journeys to the moon and back. Kapton® polyimide film is the primary insulation for the magnet wires used in all the TGV motors since 1981. 

The DuPont film provides high temperature durability together with a thin insulation. The latter makes it possible to use more copper in the motor, thus allowing more power and increased reliability.

Reasons for choosing Kapton®

  •  Proven high temperature resistance on wide range of traction motor types.
  •  Allows increased power output and superior safety.
  •  Improves operational flexibility and permits lower maintenance costs.

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