3Com Security Label Features DuPont™ Izon® Technology

To help end users and partners better recognize and authenticate their 3Com switches, original 3Com switching products now have a holographic label on the bottom center of the actual switch.

With the help of a deep 3D holographic label, end users are able to easily identify and authenticate original 3Com switches — which are designed to meet strict safety and quality standards — thus minimizing the risk to their network.

Not Your Ordinary Holography

The DuPont™ Izon® label consists of a three-dimensional view surrounding the "3COM" text with a three-ring logo that appears to flash as the label is tilted. Around the "3COM" text are dots arranged in a pattern: from 1 dot to 2 dots, 3 dots and 4 dots as it is viewed from different angles. The label is produced using the patented technology which combines overt authentication features, tamper-evident construction, and a tightly controlled secure supply chain, making it extremely difficult to duplicate.

Geuine labels, strictly controlled

3Com's hologram labels are applied to the switches at the time of manufacture. 3Com's hologram labels cannot be removed for re-application and cannot be purchased separately. Therefore genuine hologram labels cannot be attached to products afterwards.