Izon® Security Label Protects Chinese Pharmaceutical Company Against Counterfeiting

Xi’an Lijun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Lijun), a leading provider of high-quality traditional Chinese medicines, bulk drugs, and health care products has invested to increase the reputation and recognition of its brand for over 70 years. When the Lijun brand came under attack from counterfeiters, the company put overt security measures in place to discourage fakes and protect their customers from dangerous medicines. Unfortunately, those measures were quickly compromised. To secure their brand name and regain customer confidence in their products, Lijun contacted DuPont Authentication to recommend state of the art security measures.

The Authentication team evaluated the counterfeiting landscape, current security system weaknesses, and investigated the Lijun brands that were under the greatest threat. The team developed a customized Izon® security labeling system, and identified Lijun’s well-known Lijunsha® antibiotic tablets as the priority product to protect.

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