Creative Freedom and Function for Cosmetic Cream Jars

Broadening its scope of application, DuPont™ Surlyn® is lending its creative freedom to the production of cosmetic cream jars and tubes, building on proven benefits in perfume caps and closures. The compatibility of Surlyn® with many of today's cosmetic products opens up new design potential in their packaging. Surlyn® offers the transparency of glass, without the weight and fragility, It can also be frosted, faceted or finished to obtain special effects, or easily colored to create elegant translucency.

Its warm, sensual touch, coupled with functional benefits such as toughness, freedom from chipping and breaking and chemical resistance, is helping Surlyn® gain recognition as a material of choice for the rigid packaging of cosmetic and luxury goods.

A thick-walled, custom-colored, translucent cream jar, produced in a distinguishing square shape by G. Candiani Srl of Italy, can be easily molded with DuPont™ Surlyn® due to the material's compatibility with the polypropylene inner cup, inserted as an additional protective layer, and ease of processing.
This 12-centimeter-square perfume powder jar, from Japanese cosmetics company Menard, is a prime example of the benefits of DuPont™ Surlyn® for such applications: creating a luxury image comparable to that of glass, without its weight or fragility, the naturally highly-transparent resin has been easily molded to produce a thick-walled jar, of varying thicknesses, which is both lightweight and not liable to chipping.

Historic manufacturers such as G. CANDIANI, a leading operator for standard and customized cream jars and personal care containers, traditionally have used injection molding to produce perfectly transparent  jars and tubes with centimetre-thick walls. Now, coextrusion is generating interest among packaging designers looking to create transparent, flexible tubes for body-care or make up products, such as hair gel or lip gloss. In flexible applications, Surlyn® provides perfect product visibility, a soft handle and squeezability.

Recent technological advances in processing have enabled more sophisticated forms of transparent packaging that combine shapely elegance with functionality. One such variant is overmolding, where the chemical inertness a glass inner structure is comined with the design freedom of the overmolded Surlyn®.

"Overmolding and coextrusion with Surlyn® enable intricate shapes and decorative effects, such as sophisticated colors, metallic and fantasy coatings, frosted and unusual tactile properties - most of which would be impossible or extremely difficult to achieve in glass," explains Michel Decodts, global development program manager, DuPont Cosmetic Solutions.

Another way of combining the benefits of Surlyn® and glass is reflected in an innovative glass/resin hybrid cosmetic packaging concept for the growing market of 'nomadic' products, often carried in handbags or luggage. The hybrid can be produced in two forms: in the form of a "monoblock," where  a glass container for the fragrance is permanently fixed within a protective exterior casing of Surlyn®; or in the form of a replaceable glass dispenser for refilling purposes. In both cases, the inner glass container offers long-term chemical resistance to the fragrance's formulation, while a tough, lightweight, clear casing of Surlyn® adds protection and creates the appearance of a thick walled part.