DuPont ™ Surlyn® Sublimates Eurovetrocap’s New "Airlux" Airless Cosmetic Bottle


Monaco, October 2014 – Eurovetrocap, a leader in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging market, provides custom-made packaging solutions to its customers. To face the strong progress of the airless packaging market, Eurovetrocap is launching the "Airlux" airless cosmetic bottle. As with all other Eurovetrocap packaging, this new bottle with airless technology joins in the wide range of standard packaging that the customers can personalize to create unique packaging. With Airlux, Eurovetrocap would like to offer its customers luxurious packaging responding to a growing market trend. For its realization, DuPont™ Surlyn® resin stood out as being the ideal material answering the technical but also visual constraints of the new bottle.

(Photo: Eurovetrocap) Thanks to the Surlyn®3D technology, Airlux airless cosmetic bottle is made from a polypropylene insert, molded with a thick layer of Surlyn® which replaces glass with its crystalline transparency.

Thanks to the Surlyn®3D technology, Airlux is made from a polypropylene insert, molded with a thick layer of Surlyn® which replaces glass with its crystalline transparency. In addition to being protected, the lettering on the bottle is sublimated by the embellishment in Surlyn®, with a magnifying glass effect and a sense of depth. Surlyn® allows a great freedom of design which gives wide latitude to designers to achieve a unique package from the same standard base. Brands can therefore easily distinguish themselves by playing on colours, ornamental effects and can take ownership of the packaging by imposing their identity.

The end result is a bottle as transparent as glass, refined and elegant with many opportunities for decoration, safer and more convenient for the user as Giampaolo Herrmann, Managing Director of Eurovetrocap pointed out: "Surlyn® convinced us for several reasons. Aesthetically, the glass-like appearance of Surlyn® gives a luxurious aspect to the packaging which is a first-line requirement for a high-end positioning of the AirLux bottle. In addition, the many decorative effects possible thanks to the Surlyn®3D technology enable us to envisage a selection of variations and therefore customizations for our clients. Its functional advantages have also convinced us: lightweight, sturdy, it neither breaks nor chips and it is resistant to scratches.” 

With this new airless cosmetic bottle molded in Surlyn®, Eurovetrocap meets the specific expectations of its clients with a luxurious, innovative product while remaining profitable thanks to highly efficient manufacturing technologies.   


EUROVETROCAP is a leading company in the field of cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging offering a wide variety of standard products decoration facilities to enable customers to personalize their own packs. 

Our main aim is to provide customers with their requested quantities in the shortest time possible, with very low minimum quantities available at competitive prices and offering very high quality. Research, design and development of new products has been Eurovetrocap’s core business for 30 years with its primary task to introduce new standard ranges to reflect the ever changing fashion trends in the market.

In short, we provide our customers with the best "packaging solutions", always keeping in mind that "your success is our success".

During 2011, our heightened awareness for the environment and the need for sustainable growth led us to make a new and considerable investment in renewable sources of energy.

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