Surlyn® Tops Arabian Fragrance Through Ajmal

Luxury Arabian Fragrance Manufacturer Turns to the World’s Favorite Flacon Cap Material

Monaco, October 2014 - Ajmal, the Dubai-based manufacturer of some of the most luxurious fragrances in the Middle East for over 60 years, has turned to DuPont™Surlyn® as the material of choice for the caps of its new alcohol-based Arabian fragrance. This partnership brings together two of the most prestigious players in the perfume industry and strengthens Surlyn®’s place in a market that has very specific needs and traditions.

(Photo: DuPont) Luxury Arabian fragrance manufacturer Ajmal turned to Surlyn® as the material for the caps of its new perfumes Utopia 11 and Prose

The Arabian fragrance market is very different from the rest of the world. Perfumes are seen as symbols of prestige, luxury and exclusivity and the fragrance manufacturers have traditionally used crystal, glass and wood for their flacon caps to best reflect this reputation.

For over 20 years, Surlyn® has been revolutionising fragrance packaging all over the world as a material with almost limitless form and finish possibilities. So, when exploring materials that complement this lengthy tradition, Ajmal turned to Surlyn® as the material for the caps of its new alcohol-based ranges of perfumes, such as Blu, Utopia 11, Prose and Sacrifice for Her.

Ajmal’s designers were impressed with the obvious premium appeal of Surlyn® and its flexibility in design and form while avoiding the fragility of glass. They also admired the touch, feel and the crystal appearance. These elements combine to place the material above glass as an option.

“We chose Surlyn® for its brilliance, its crystal-like qualities,” explained Tajuddin Choudhury, who heads Design and Development at Ajmal Perfumes. “The material looks great and can take almost any form. It says ‘luxury’, which is what Ajmal is all about. It is also fine to the touch – and this is so important in the fragrance market. You have to handle the bottle to use the perfume and Surlyn® under your fingers is a good feeling.”

At present there is a broad taste for transparent, crystal-like materials for caps and flacons and Surlyn® fits this perfectly. But should tastes change – and they do always change – then Surlyn® can adapt and become ‘gold’ or ‘silver’ or any number of other finishes through special metallisation or decoration techniques. Thanks to the innovative Surlyn® 3D overmolding technology, it can be used to make flacons too, which bodes well for future collaborations between the two companies.

Upholding its prestigious reputation in the world of fragrances makes the Middle East one of the most traditional markets in the industry regarding premium and luxury packaging and chemical resistance. Now that Surlyn® is an integral part of that tradition, we can expect to see it sitting on top of the very best perfumes everywhere in the world.


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