DuPont™ Surlyn® PC 2200 Enables Feline Cap for New “Grace” Fragrance

DuPont™ Surlyn® PC 2200 Enables Feline Cap for New “Grace” Fragrance
Encapsulation using DuPont™ Surlyn® PC-2200 resin gives the cap of the new “Grace by Grace Coddington” fragrance its feline character.

GENEVA, Sept. 26, 2016 - Grace Coddington launched her first fragrance “Grace” in partnership with the label Comme des Garçons in the United States last April and more recently in France.

Managed by Nithya Ram, head of Production at Comme des Garçons Parfums, designed by Fabien Baron, creative director, and team at Grace Coddington, the original curved bottle is inspired by Grace Coddington’s sketches and is a nod to the British designer’s passion for felines.  This is evident by the two small pointed ears on the perfume cap.

This perfume cap consists of an electroplated ABS thermoplastic insert encapsulated in DuPont™ Surlyn® PC-2200.  This new grade was launched in 2015 and was specifically developed by DuPont Performance Materials (DuPont) to meet the innovation criteria and design challenges of both brands and designers. PTJOSA, a company specializing in thermoplastic injection for the cosmetic industry, was the responsible for the development of both the mould and the over-moulding injection that made possible the manufacture of this delicate perfume cap.

"Bringing together all the well-known properties of Surlyn® – crystalline transparency, high gloss, chemical resistance, excellent resistance against scratches and abrasion, soft touch – the new grade PC-2200 offers even greater design freedom by limiting technical hurdles. The cap of “Grace” is a wonderful illustration of the ability of Surlyn® to make possible the most surprising and innovative designs," said Maria Carcolé, marketing leader, DuPont EMEA Perfumes & Cosmetics.

Manel Godoy, director of PTJOSA is thrilled with the aspect of the cap. "We are pioneers in over-moulding and bi-injection parts, the ones made of Surlyn® are specifically developed for the cosmetics sector. The excellent fluidity of Surlyn® PC-2200 allows us to obtain a part with no marks or joint lines, in perfect harmony with the base. We have been working with DuPont resin for many years. It offers virtually endless possibilities in terms of shapes and finishes. The injection point is concealed, which allows us to create a cap as pure and light as the bottle itself with delicate lines. The result is transparent, very bright, with a mirror effect. Beyond its technical and visual qualities, Surlyn® resin has caught the attention of the Grace Coddington brand for its haptic qualities, which ensure extremely soft touch and offer an invitation to touch.”

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