DuPont™ Surlyn® - A Sign of Luxury for Maria Galland Cosmetic Cream Jars

Monaco, October 2013 –  Maria Galland, a brand for premium cosmetics on face and body care products, is using DuPont™ Surlyn® for its cosmetic cream jars and expanded the use also to the line “Ligne Mille”. This new and exclusive range of high-end anti-aging products is offered in elegant containers, which differentiate themselves from other pots of the brand by the translucent black color.

Maria Galland, a brand for premium cosmetics on face and body care is using DuPont™ Surlyn® for its luxury cream jars in different product lines like the established “Soin Silhouette” (left) and for the new exclusive “Ligne Mille” (right). (Photo: DuPont)
Due to the high chemical resistance of DuPont™ Surlyn®, cosmetic cream jars made out of this material can be molded in one single piece without the need of an inner cup that protects the cosmetic product. The elegant, glasslike transparent approach of the packaging concept can therefore be kept without compromise. (Photo: DuPont)

The shape of the cosmetic cream jars is a flanker of the established products like the “Soin Silhouette” range. Surlyn® allows an easy shelf differentiation of flankers by using different decorations techniques like frosting or colors like in this case without any compromise in chemical resistance or haptic performance as well as aesthetic properties such as high gloss or transparency.

Surlyn® offers a high chemical resistance, and therefore, cosmetic cream jars made out this material can be molded in one single piece without the requirement of an inner cup, which is the case for other transparent materials and disturb the complete transparent approach of the packaging concept. This offers cost saving aspects for the producers as there is no need for assembling the different pieces. Beside that the DuPont packaging material allows the molding of thick walled parts without any sink marks and nearly invisible injection points.

“The sensitive haptic, high gloss and glasslike transparency of Surlyn® convinced us to use it for several cream jars of the different cosmetic lines from Maria Galland.” says Carsten Wolansky, CEO of Awantys, who was responsible for the industrial production of the Surlyn® jars. “The jars meet the exclusivity of the cosmetic products which are filled in them to give the endusers a luxurious product even with the packaging.”


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