Samourai Discovers a Second Youth with Metallic Fragrance Cap and Transparent Caps made with DuPont™Surlyn®


Monaco, October 2014 – Following more than three decades of international success, Samourai perfumes has decided to give a new lease of life to its eponymous fragrance by renewing the material of the iconic cap, which can be seen above in two variations: a version similar to the original topped with a metallic fragrance cap; the other with a cap with identical decor but this time with a slightly bluish transparency.

(Photo: Samouraï) The two versions of the Samouraï bottle with caps made from DuPont™ Surlyn® - both the metallized and transparent versions.

There was no question of the brand abandoning the original version of the cap, preserving the shape and the metallic aspect that made it visually notorious and this metallic aspect has always mastered the masculine lines. It was more a question of developing the cover in a direction that better responds to current trends, with more uncluttered, transparent and light lines. 

This was made possible thanks to DuPont ™ Surlyn ® and the technical know-how of VPI, specialized in the injection and decoration of aesthetic plastic parts."A new project is often the opportunity for us to innovate technically" recalls Frédéric Martin, project manager at VPI. With this decoration that is complicated to replicate, we had to choose a material capable of copying the motifs on the original aluminium-topped cap identically and in meticulous detail. Surlyn® resin has not only allowed us to faithfully reproduce the waves of the existing cap but to produce at the same time and with the same mould, a metallic version and a transparent version”.

To do this, VPI was obliged to perfectly redesign a new part using the initial aluminium piece and to maintain the most minute details of the motif, in this case the effects of waves on the surface of the cap. In addition, an engraving of the Samourai name was created. Surlyn® resin has the property to perfectly copy the details of the mold. The metallization of the cap presents a very close rendering of the original aluminium-topped cap. Every detail of the engraving is preserved after metallization.  

The Samourai Perfumes brand took advantage of this development to rethink the bottle cap with a double skirt in Surlyn® to get better control of the tolerances in respect to the handling of the cap. This double skirt is very discreetly linked to the design of the piece that hides it in the chamfer. The flexibility of Surlyn® allowed us to obtain parts that present absolutely no scratches or join-marks when released from the mould as Frédéric Martin points out. "We were able to conceal the point of injection on the side of the cover in the heart of the wave effects.  Surlyn ® resin can be injected in unlikely areas, where it would be impossible with other plastics. The joint is very discreet”. Surlyn ® resin offers unlimited design possibilities and responds to brands growing demand to adapt to market trends and to differentiate themselves from their competitors, by demanding increasingly customized packaging.

VPI, a subsidiary of Faiveley Plastics Group, combines the virtues of a flexible, innovative and responsive structure and the strength of an ambitious industrial group.

Specializing in the injection, decoration and assembly of aesthetic plastic parts, VPI offers standard and specific solutions for capping, deostick, roll-on, box-sets and dispensers combining finish and functionality for the perfume, cosmetics, wines and spirits markets.

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