Surlyn® reflects the golden hour for “Terre de Lumière” by L’Occitane

The innovative hot stamping foil creates new opportunities for design, colours and metallisation on Surlyn®.

The Surlyn® cap captures and diffuses the light of the new “Terre de Lumière” perfume, by L’Occitane. (Photo © L’Occitane)

Geneva, September 14, 2017 – With its perfume “Terre de Lumière”, L’Occitane creates a new olfactory experience, full of the scents of Provence at the golden hour, the short moments just before sunrise or before sunset, when light becomes magical.

Always in harmony with nature, L’Occitane chose a design that reflects the simplicity and elegance of its new fragrance.  Infused with light, the bottle is sculpted like a pebble polished by time, while its red-orange cap captures the shades of the Provencal sky thanks to the unique properties of Surlyn®.

L’Occitane entrusted the development of the cap to the leading supplier of cosmetic packaging solutions Albéa, who had no hesitation in choosing Surlyn®. Its transparency and natural brilliance made it possible to create the luminous rendering of a sunrise or sunset on a summer’s day, allowing the cap to reflect the colour of the perfume which shines from inside the bottle. "We are very satisfied with the aesthetic properties offered by Surlyn®, said David Bayard, Director of Technical Packaging Development at L’Occitane. The brilliance of the cap creates the desired visual impact”.

For Laurent Pesqueux, Development Manager at Albéa, Surlyn® was a natural and obvious choice. "Surlyn® is an endless source of inspirational ideas, while meeting all the technical requirements of this particular project. Its exceptional transparency and brilliance and its ability to reproduce any shape made it possible to create a cap that is round, like a pebble. In addition, Surlyn® provides an excellent surface finish, with invisible parting lines.

Surlyn® offers many design and customization options, notably to create variants of the same cap in coloured, varnished or even glitter finishes – and this without needing to modify the original mould. Such versatility allows for easy, fast and cost-effective evolution for packaging designs, and makes any reinterpretation of a perfume possible. Limited editions, seasonal variations, special signatures… Designers and creators can give free rein to their imagination to enrich their brands and reflect the latest trends.

The palette of possibilities offered by Surlyn® will be presented at Luxe Pack Monaco, from the 2nd to 4th October 2017.

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