Tottle Amanda by Lumson Made Up in DuPont™ Surlyn®

Monaco, October 2013 – Lumson Group launched its “Amanda” tottle in two new innovative versions made with DuPont™ Surlyn® to the cosmetic packaging market.

(Photo by Lumson)

The “Amanda” tottle was introduced to the market in a crystal clear version perfect for make-up/liquid foundations, colored creams, glittered or new must see innovative formulas. Thanks to the Surlyn® material features and to Lumson Group R&D the final result is a perfectly transparent, nicely glossy and highly squeezable plastic tottle.

The second version to be launched is a colored, extra glossy effect type, where Surlyn® is used as outer layer in multilayer structures to give the tottles a high gloss accompanied with high scratch resistance and squeezability.

The “Amanda” tottle range is shaped with a slight concavity at the top for an elegant approach and available in two sizes (30 ml and 50 ml), which are suitable for personal care products such as serums, creams or foundations.

“We are very pleased with the aesthetic properties that are provided by Surlyn®,” states Mr. Matteo Moretti, CEO of Lumson. “It is a very appealing finish for our tottles and we are happy to extend our product range with these 2 new models of the Amanda Tottle”.


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