Barrier Shrink Bags

Keep Meat Fresh With Barrier Shrink Bags

Barrier shrink bags using DuPont advanced materials produce stronger, thinner packaging that helps keep meat fresh longer and reduces puncture and package failures.

Benefits of DuPont Resins

  • Solutions for both PVDC and EVOH based shrink bags
  • Outstanding puncture resistance
  • Superior meat adhesion
  • High shrink values
  • Excellent clarity, gloss and low gelling
  • Good orientability
  • Enhanced flexibility, low stiffness


Recommended DuPont Products
  Tie Layers Bulking Layer Sealants Other
PVDC Shrink Bags Elvax®   Elvax® 3135X  
      Elvax® 3130  
      Elvax® 3129-1  
      Elvax® 3165  
EVOH & PA Shrink Bags/Films Bynel® 41E687 Surlyn® Elvax® 3135X Selar® PA 3426
  Bynel® 21E787   Elvax® 3130  
  Bynel® 41E850   Elvax® 3165  
      Surlyn® 1857  
Shrink Bags Bone In Bynel® 41E687 Surlyn® Elvax® Selar® PA 3426
  Bynel® 21E787   Surlyn®  
  Bynel® 41E850      

Materials for both PVDC and EVOH based Shrink Bags

DuPont resins, in particular DuPont Surlyn®, DuPont Elvax®, DuPont Bynel® and DuPont Selar®, are used in myriad ways in barrier shrink bag structures. For polyvinylidenechloride (PVDC)-based shrink bags, DuPont resins are used for their mechanical properties, excellent orientability and good adhesion.  In EVOH-based shrink bags, DuPont resins can also be used structurally or as tie layers and sealants to offer superior processability and orientability during film fabrication, and to confer moisture barrier, clarity, puncture resistance and hot shrinkage capabilities in end use.