Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Keeps Meat Fresher Longer

A popular case ready format for meat and poultry is modified atmosphere packaging.This packaging style, as well as vacuum skin packaging, has been steadily taking over the meat case at retail supermarkets and club stores across the globe.  Using our application development expertise, we collaborate on innovative meat packaging structures such as rigid trays with flexible lidding to deliver more convenience to the consumer and help manufacturers and converters improve productivity.

Benefits of DuPont resins

  • High seal integrity (convenient, easy open)
  • Good optical properties (high gloss, antifog)
  • Cost effective performance
  • Low seal temperatures
  • Good flexibility at low temperatures
Recommended DuPont Products
  Tie Layers Bulking Layer Sealants
Lidding Films Bynel®   Appeel® 20D751
      Appeel® 7200 Series
Coextruded Trays Bynel®

Elvaloy® CPET Tray



Surlyn® CPET Tray


Master Bags Bynel® Elvax® Surlyn®