Liquid Packaging Pouches

Flexible Liquid Packaging Pouches Reduce Costs and Waste

DuPont resins for liquid packaging preserve beverage freshness, protect liquid contents, and minimize storage and waste.

Kids drinking from juice pouches.

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With a broad portfolio of packaging resins and technologies, proven application development expertise and technical support, DuPont helps brand owners and converters create innovative liquid packaging pouches. We focus on finding the best solution for every application, and pouch uses range from cooking oil to children’s juices to non-food products.

Popular resins and films used for liquid packaging include DuPont™ Nucrel® ethylene acrylic acid copolymer, DuPont™ Bynel® adhesive resin, and DuPont™ Surlyn® ionomer resin.

Nucrel® and Bynel® for Cooking Oil Pouches

Cooking oils packaged in sealed nylon pouches cut liquid packaging equipment costs while
 ensuring a hygienic, unadulterated product for consumers (in some parts of the world, used oils are rebottled and sold as new). To minimize leakers, these tough pouches rely on a heat-seal layer of Nucrel® acid copolymer resin bound to the nylon barrier layer by Bynel® coextrudable adhesive resin.

Surlyn®for Flexible Consumer Packaging

Today it’s feasible to package liquid products such as household cleaners in flexible pouches, thanks to Surlyn® resin. In addition to cutting storage and shipping costs, these rugged, leak-proof, flexible packages provide dramatic graphic capabilities compared to conventional rigid containers. And Surlyn® meets tough performance requirements with the best hot tack, seal-through contamination, and stiffness of any high-performance sealant.

Six Top Packaging Design Ideas


  • Plastic Closures for Beverages

    DuPont™ Elvax® and other resins for beverage plastic closures maintain hermetic seals, preserve flavor, prevent leaks, and make caps and lids easy to open or peel off.

  • Beverage Packaging and Containers

    DuPont™ Surlyn®, Nucrel®, and Selar® for beverage packaging preserve freshness and offer more convenience for consumers.


  • Surlyn® Sealants

    DuPont™ Surlyn® sealant resin provides excellent clarity, hot tack, heat seal, and toughness for packaging a variety of foods, as well as pharmaceuticals, household cleaners, and personal care products.

  • Elvaloy® Polymer Modifier

    DuPont™ Elvaloy® for polymer modification is used to improve toughness in CPET and APET trays for frozen and refrigerated ready-to-eat meals, as a PVC plasticizer and as a compatibilizer in PET/HDPE recycling.

  • Elvax® for Packaging

    DuPont™ Elvax® packaging resins provide toughness, flexibility, and clarity for snack, cheese, cereal, meat, poultry, and liquid packaging, as well as for some medical applications.

  • Surlyn® for Skin & Stretch Packaging

  • Nucrel® AE for LDPE Extrusion Coating

    DuPont™ Nucrel® AE for LDPE extrusion coating improves foil adhesion when used as an LDPE modifier in pouches and sachets for food oils, snacks, and non-food products.

  • Surlyn® for Medical Device Packaging

    DuPont™ Surlyn® for thermoforming film provides excellent clarity and formability, making it a cost-effective solution for sterilized medical device packaging.

  • Nucrel® for Packaging

    DuPont™ Nucrel® resin acts as a foil adhesive and heat sealant for beverage packaging, condiment and spice oil sachets, as well as non-food products including toothpaste tubes and cable shielding.

  • Surlyn® for Blow Molding

    DuPont™ Surlyn® blow molding resins provide high gloss, scratch resistance, pleasant touch, and squeezability to cosmetic bottles and transparent tottles for lip gloss.

  • Surlyn® for Extruded Shapes & Sheets

    DuPont™ Surlyn® extrusion resin provides toughness, durability, and abrasion and chemical resistance for demanding applications, including shock tubes for mining and construction to snowshoes and wake/bodyboards.

  • Nucrel® for Industrial & Consumer Products

    DuPont™ Nucrel® acid copolymer resin is used in metalized building panels, water piping, cable shield and other industrial applications.

  • Elvax® for Industrial & Consumer Products

    The DuPont™ Elvax® Industrial EVA resin portfolio consists of a range of ethylene vinyl acetate polymers that are used in a vast array of industrial applications.

  • PVC roofing membrane system at Indiana Tube Corp.

    Elvaloy® KEE for PVC Roofing


  • Salonpas Foil Packaging

    Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co. uses DuPont™ Surlyn® in its foil packaging to prevent delamination caused by the active ingredients in its Salonpas pain relief patch.

  • Wine Closures Replace Cork

  • Higher Purity Fragrance Packaging

    Gaplast GmbH uses DuPont™ Surlyn® in its innovative bag-in-bottle for fragrance packaging to increase product purity and support greater design freedom.

  • Respiratory Drug Unit Dose Packaging

    DuPont™ 20 series resins are proven for use in unit dose packaging for medications used for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma and listed in FDA Drug Master Files.


  • EVA Plastic Production in China

    To meet growing demand for high-performance specialty resins used in packaging, footwear, electronics, and more, DuPont has a joint venture for EVA plastic production in China.