Easy-Open Lidding: Mastering the Art of Seal-Peel Performance

More and more products use easy-open lidding to meet the needs of the on-the-go consumer, kids and the aging population.  What's the challenge to converters and makes of packaged goods?  It is to ensure that the lid peels easily and seals effectively.  DuPont™ Appeel® lidding resins works consistently to make this happen. In addition, it can nuture and improve your brand, eliminate waste due to leaking product while in transit, reduce environmental impact, and so much more.

Watch Terry Kendig, Sr. Scientist for DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers, as he explains more about the benefits of DuPont™ Appeel®.


Challenge:  Easy-open lidding/seal integrity
Industry:  Food & Beverage
Location:  Global