A Partnership to Solve Packaging Challenges in the Frozen Salmon Industry Using DuPont™ Surlyn®

Improving the performance of frozen salmon packaging with Surlyn®

The packaging of frozen food has a big challenge: throughout distribution, storage and display time, as well as the adverse conditions of transportation, packaging has to keep the food safe and maintain the original fresh proprieties all the way up to consumption. Add complexity to this scenario by trying to package a food like salmon - a fish with a very high level of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids - whereby it is difficult to maintain hermetic seals because of fat contamination, and is also abrasive and sharp requiring a high degree of puncture resistance of the packaging.

This is the background of a great story involving AquaChile (a leading aquaculture company in Chile with 230 customers in more than 30 countries), Envases Del Pacífico [Edelpa] (one of the largest converters of flexible packaging in Chile with more than 50 years of experience), André Vasconscelos (a reputed Chef de Cusine from Brazil at Bistrô Muito Além do Jardim), and DuPont.

AquaChile was facing losses in frozen thermoformed vacuum packages by losing product and adding rework back into their process. Edelpa was trying to create a packaging solution to solve this critical issue. To learn more about this story and how DuPont™ Surlyn® solved this challenge, watch the full-length video on our YouTube Channel here.