Innovative Packaging Helps Hard to Reach Populations

A dual compartment pouch utilizing a frangible seal of Surlyn® helps FUTURELIFE® deliver food to areas without cold-chain distribution.

In remote areas of the world, hunger is a real challenge. Lack of access to clean water, food  and electricity all come together to make seemingly insurmountable odds. Transporting food to areas which do not have a good transportation infrastructure and no cold-chain supporting them is very difficult and requires innovative solutions.

A frangible pouch is a pouch with two or more compartments, separated by a frangible - or burstable - seal. Squeezing the pouch bursts the internal seal allowing the content of the compartments to mix, without disturbing the outside seal. A safe, hygienic and convenient packaging concept, it enables you to easily mix ingredients within seperate compartments, while the pouch is still unopened. Designed for longer shelf-life and requiring no refrigeration, the Dual Compartment Pouch helps reduce food and packaging waste.

The best candidates for frangible pouches are food formulations that benefit from having their ingredients separated until the time of consumption. A very good example is sanitized water and milk powder, that can be transported without any need for a cold chain to remote locations.

The frangible pouch is an excellent example of the versatility of DuPont™ Surlyn®. Frangible pouches require two types of seals: permanent or lock-up seals and frangible or burstable seals. Surlyn® is the ideal sealant for frangible pouches because a single sealant layer can provide both lock-up and frangible seals. 

Challenge: Provide food security
Industry:  Food & Beverage
Location:  South Africa