Soy Polymers

Raising the performance bar for naturally derived ingredients

At DuPont, we see a multifunctional, renewable and sustainable ingredient as a way to make personal care products safer and better for the environment

We are the world leader in developing innovative soy-based products to serve the global marketplace. Our water dispersible soy polymer product line is uniquely designed for the Personal Care Industry, providing multi-functional properties from plant-based, renewable resources, produced in a sustainable way.

For decades, we have been serving customers around the world with products and services that provide economical and functional benefits to meet their needs.

SoBind™ Harmony soy polymers are multi-functional performers that makes hair feel better, provide skin aesthetics and enhancements in color cosmetics.  Structural Peptide Architecture™ (SPA) is what differentiates them from other soy ingredients in the marketplace, because we improve improve their functionality at a molecular level.  As a result, SoBind™ Harmony has the following characteristics:

  • Colloidal & amphoteric in nature with a net anionic charge
  • In water they consist of aggregates of hydrated protein molecules 
  • Molecular weights ranging from 150-300K Daltons 
  • 3D peptide structures that forms suspensions, not solutions (cannot see through it)
  • Stabilizes pigments, etc., and keeps them from agglomerating
  • Forms associations with charged and uncharged species



  • Skin Care & Sun Care

    Learn more about how DuPont SoBind™ Harmony Soy Polymers can improve your skin care and sun care products.

  • Hair Care

    Learn more about how DuPont SoBind™ Harmony Soy Polymers can improve your hair care products, from shampoos to colorants to styling aids.

  • Color Cosmetics

  • Key Product Functions

    SoBind™ Harmony soy polymers are unique film formers that offer a variety of unique functionalities.