Sierra™ Masks

DuPont™ Sierra™ Masks for Cleanroom Environments

Sierra™ Masks for cleanroom environments increase compliance through comfort and provide an ideal balance of bacteria and particle filtration efficiency and breathability.

Some masks compromise breathability and barrier performance. Either breathability is reduced to achieve barrier or barrier is reduced for higher breathability. With Sierra™ masks you get both breathability and barrier protection for your controlled environment needs without compromising the comfort you want.

  • Available in 7" and 9" sizes
  • Available in blue and white colors
  • Available in ties and ear loops
  • Pleated mask design with metal nose piece
  • Sterile masks available


  • Cleanroom Applications

    Learn how garments made of DuPont™ Tyvek® help keep people and processes uncontaminated in cleanroom applications.

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Find Out How We're Addressing These Global Challenges