Arc Protection

Electrical Hazards vs. Arc Flash Protection from DuPont

The consequences of arc flash can be disastrous, with workers suffering injuries and businesses suffering losses.

Many industrial jobs put electricians and utility workers at risk for electric hazards. In response, DuPont created Protera® fabric for arc flash protection. Protera® offers NFPA 70E Category 2 compliance, making it ideal for those exposed to intense heat due to arc flash. Protera® brand fabric offers superior heat-resistant arc protection  and will not melt and drip or support combustion in the air.

Doing a good job means wearing protective garments that fit and feel good. Along with its built-in protection against electric arc hazards, Protera® offers better comfort and durability than other FR cotton nylon blends. One of the lightest weight NFPA 70E Category 2 technologies on the market, Protera® proves that less is more. That’s why when we designed NFPA 70E compliant DuPont™ Protera®, comfort was a priority. And tests prove wearers notice the difference. In an independent, double-blind comfort study DuPont™ Protera® was the clear winner in overall comfort compared to FR cotton nylon blend garments of the same weight. In fact, wearers found NFPA 70E compliant garments made of DuPont™ Protera® to be less prickly, heavy, stretchy, stiff, clingy, clammy, and scratchy than FR cotton nylon blend garments.


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  • NFPA 70E® Electric Arc

    The NFPA 70E® electric arc flash standard addresses electrical safety–related work practices for employee workplaces that are necessary for the practical safeguarding of employees relative to the hazards associated with electrical energy during activities such as the installation, inspection, operation, maintenance, and demolition of electric conductors, electric equipment, signaling and communications conductors and equipment, and raceways.


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